Better Light Makes Better Fruit™

Investor Presentation


Opti-Harvest is an agricultural innovation company. We develop and market climate-smart products that help growers maximize production, optimize land and labor resources and increase water use efficiency.

Geoff R. Andersen – Chief Executive Officer

  • 30+ years’ experience in corporate development, entrepreneurship, technology and non-profit
  • Led the internal dealer technology strategy, and for-profit business with John Deere
  • Directed the global equipment partnering strategy for John Deere
  • Led the John Deere Global Citizenship strategy creation and execution, developing new markets, and partnering with NGOs including the United Nations, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID and AGRA

Yosepha Shahak, Ph.D. – Chief Science Officer

  • 50 years’ experience in academic research and development in plant physiology, photosynthesis, bioenergetics and horticulture sciences
  • Renowned authority in plant-light interaction and related applications in agriculture
  • Inventor of photoselective netting, a patented agro-technology
  • Chief scientist of the Regional Agricultural R&D Centers in Israel (Emeritus)

Nick Booth, Ph.D. – Chief Technical Officer

  • 20+ years’ experience in optical science, optical design and system manufacture
  • Inventor of numerous optical imaging, sensing and optomechanical systems
  • Designed and built space flight hardware for NASA + numerous pre-clinical medical devices utilizing photon-tissue interactions for diagnosis
  • Developed and characterized wavefront correcting thin films for corrective lens applications

Jodd Readick – Chief Technical Officer, Precision Ag, & IOT

  • 30 years’ cross industry experience in IT, telecom and technology product innovation
  • CTO of IoT carrier offering international services
  • Co-founded several innovative telecom firms
  • Due diligence expertise: M&A, consulting: Samsung, ATT, Wells Fargo, Citicorp, Arthur Anderson

Jeremy Basich – Vice President of Sales & Distribution

  • 25 years’ experience in Ag: Big Box Retail, Product Launch, Margin Enhancement and Supply Chain.
  • GLG & Coleman Group council member early 20 publications surrounding specialty crops such as cocoa, grapes, rice and avocados
  • Co-Founder of SCOWT Sourcing, a private food brokerage company
  • Almond Industry Consultant

Jonathan Destler – Founder & Corporate Development Director

  • 25 years’ experience in capital markets, corporate finance and corporate communications
  • Co-Founder of financial communications firm Financial Profiles, Inc.
  • Senior executive at global communications leader InterPublic Group
  • Founding investor of revolutionary plastics recycling company, Loop Industries, Inc.

Kelly Fargo – Marketing Director

  • 20+ years’ experience in growth strategy development, funnel building, brand management, social responsibility and public relations
  • Established affinity marketing and advertising partnerships, brand collaborations with industry leaders, and cause-driven community campaigns
  • Planned and presented at education events for more than 100 industry stakeholders.
  • Certified in Digital Marketing Strategy

Kwame Acheampong, Ph.D. – Director of R&D and Field Operations

  • 15+ years’ experience in research in plant physiology, genetics, and genomics
  • Discovered a novel pathway of cytokinin regulation in roots
  • Pioneered the use of ATAC-seq for genomic studies in rice
  • Characterized the mechanism of phytohormone signaling and responses in several plants

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