CURIO™ understands the nuclear waste problem in the United States first hand, and is on a mission to revolutionize the way we recycle, use and make valuable products out of used nuclear fuel. By developing key nuclear technologies that produce a closed nuclear cycle, CURIO™ creates clean, sustainable nuclear energy that drives economic prosperity and reduces the environmental footprint. 

The Second Nuclear Era

Whether it’s advanced reactor fuel, industrial and medical isotope extraction, or next generation reactors, CURIO™ is at the forefront of the next wave of nuclear technology companies that are ushering in the second nuclear era.

Fuel Recycling

With a compact, modular, and proliferation-resistant design, CURIO’s NuCycle™ closed fuel cycle technology is a bold solution to the production of hardened plutonium fueled tractors and alternate fuel based molten salt reactors.

Next Gen Fuels

With unprecedented versatility, TRUfuel™ shortens the hazardous lifespan of nuclear waste by enabling the elimination of proliferation concerning materials. Composed of transuranic elements with some uranium, TRUfuel™ is the ideal blend for fast spectrum nuclear reactors running without moderators. 

Advanced Reactors

Designed as the reactors for the world of tomorrow, the HOPE™ and CARE™ reactors are engineered for optimal passive safety and proliferation proofing. HOPE™ has the capability of producing electricity at nearly 50% conversion efficiency and high-temperature heat for industrial use. While the CARE™ platform removes the need for nuclear fuel enrichment and does not produce long-lived waste.