Rooted deeply in agricultural science, the mission of Opti-Harvest is to develop and market an innovative line of products that are “climate smart,” and help growers produce optimally, make the best use of the land area and labor force, and use water as efficiently as possible.

The products are constructed of recyclable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), one of the most versatile plastic materials available anywhere.

Currently, there are three several lines available from the company.


Creating an optimal light and environment (microclimate) protects vines from the elements, including frost, wind, pests, hail, and heat damage. The individual growth chambers also eliminate shadings from adjacent plants, and help to minimize labor costs.

The accelerated growth allows more production in a shorter amount of time.


These also protect plants from damage due to heat, frost, hail, wind, and decay. But they have the added benefit of reducing the amount of labor necessary for vine training, pruning, and the removal of leaves.

Finally, they provide light which is scattered and red-enriches which serves to increase both the yield and quality in tree crops that are trellised.


Since they reflect and scatter sunlight which has been red-enriched toward young trees, these shields work to distribute evenly the part of the light spectrum which is most stimulating to the plants.

In addition the structure of the Opti-Shields protects the plants from wind. Combined with the other benefits, this protection serves to lengthen the typical growing period.

Increasing Efficiency

All of the Opti-Harvest products are designed to allow growers to produce more — and higher quality — products in a shorter amount of time, which simultaneously reduces labor costs and loss due to the elements.