Touchstone Advisors


Touchstones were once used to test the purity of gold and silver. Struck against high grade metal, they would show a distinctive mark. The word Touchstone evokes images of making contact, having a solid base and being a tangible reminder of truth and principles that guide our thoughts and actions.

The Touchstone Advisors team has spent their entire careers building businesses and guiding entrepreneurs toward realizing their objectives. Inspired by the belief in the power created when opportunity meets preparation and vision meets execution, Touchstone is committed to seeing investors and partner companies benefit from their experience, their capabilities, and their relationships.

The company’s mission is to create exceptional value for the companies they partner with. They work and conduct themselves in accordance with the principles of integrity and hard work and are committed to setting a higher standard for themselves and the companies they work with.

What Touchstone Advisors Does

Touchstone partners in building exciting businesses that improve the way we live and enjoy our lives, while giving back to the community and world around them. They go to all lengths necessary to ensure that the entrepreneurs they invest in or partner with execute their business plans to deliver visionary products, services and technologies.

Their ‘360 Integration’ with company operations allows them to measure management commitment, accountability and effectiveness on a real-time basis. Investors, partners, and management’s goals are carefully aligned creating a profitable and gratifying relationship for all stakeholders involved.

Services Overview

High level advisory with extensive experience in early-stage technology, public company corporate communications, corporate and business development.

Strong relationships with leading VC, private equity and Wall Street investment firms.

Principal investor – Touchstone partners with companies for long term success.

Results-driven engagements allow companies to realize optimal benefits.

Impressive track record of success.