Loop Industries, Inc.

Loop Industries™ wants to transform the way we use and recycle plastic to create a healthier and more sustainable world. Since 2014, they have been at the forefront of plastic manufacturing, building the world’s leading technology for recycling PET plastic and polyester fiber. 

Revolutionary Technology

Using their proprietary depolymerization technology, previously unrecyclable PET plastic and polyester fiber waste is broken down into their base building blocks, and then purified and re-combined into Loop™ branded PET plastics. The end product? 100% virgin-quality recycled content that can be used in food-grade packaging around the world. 

Decarbonizing the Plastic Industry

The established plastics industry is reliant on fossil fuels which make up more than 90% of its raw material. In contrast, Loop™ creates monomers from waste, thereby reducing our dependence on carbon and eventually creating a carbon-free economy for all.

PET Manufacturing

Loop Industries’ Infinite Loop™ provides an end-to-end industrial solution to supply the global demand for Loop™ PET resin. In order to create a fully circular plastics ecosystem, Infinite Loop™ facilities will be located near large population centers where people consume and recycle plastic.