Agricultural plastic is just as harmful as ocean plastic

According to a U.N. Food and Agricultural report concerning plastics in agriculture, the widespread use of plastics in agriculture is leaving behind pieces of plastic in the world’s soil which could eclipse that which is found in its oceans with effects that could be potentially detrimental to ecosystems and human health. LEARN MORE

California’s Water Problems Go Beyond Drought

The Golden State’s farmers are not only suffering from consecutive years of drought conditions but are frustrated due to the state’s curtailment process as a solution instead of shifting its focus to better utilization of water storage. LEARN MORE

Keep Crops Alive In a Warmer, Dryer World

It’s unlikely that the rate of global warming will be slowing down any time soon which means that new technology must address ways to mitigate and enable crops to adapt to persistent water stress. LEARN MORE

Better Light Makes Better Fruit

Innovative new technology from ground-breaking company Opti-Harvest helps growers use water more efficiently, while also maximizing land use and crop production. LEARN MORE