Skills and Abilities

With a multi-decade career of successful projects behind him, it’s understandable why Jonathan Destler is sought after in the worlds of business and finance, as well as other fields such as science and technology, and marketing. His toolbox includes:

More than 25 years of experience in management consulting, business development and corporate communications, ranging from advertising and communications to investments and science and technology

Going well beyond the theoretical, Jonathan’s proven track record includes numerous successes where he has been instrumental in guiding the companies he works with into commercialization and growth, while building their public profiles.

Combining an intuitive grasp of economic principles with decades of experience in the real world, Destler has evolved a sophisticated understanding of technology innovation, capital formation and the capital markets.

A leader as well as a deep thinker, Jonathan has directed numerous successful corporate development initiatives.

With his strong presentation and sales capabilities, Jonathan excels at both outside sales (bringing on customers, partners and investors) and “inside sales:” building a company ethic and esprit de corps that helps an entity run efficiently and profitably.

During his years in business, he has cultivated extensive relationships with key Wall Street professionals — a necessary skill when helping companies thrive and grow.